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Remedial & Preventive Steps  for Corona Viruse

IN the Larger interest OF Mankind on this Planet

Remedial Step:

Day 1 : 70 minutes after Lunch

(1)Take 100 ml. of water. Boil it over 60 Degree . Add 1.5 Gms Common Salt (Sodium Chloride- NaCl). Let it dissolve do not stir. when it is lukewarm or drinkakbly hot, drink it.

Repeat the Process twice every 5 minutes. (Total 300 ml of NaCl Solution).[29/03/2020-DD_MM_YYYY]

Day 1 : 150 minutes after intake (1)

(2)200 ml milk +26 gms Turmeric. Boil it rigoursaly,while stirring.Let it be cool enough to be drinkable. Drink it slowly. Twice a day ​

Option 2 above & undermentioned intake increases your Immunity.[03/04/2020-DD_MM_YYYY]

Preventive step ; (Will increase  Immunity of ones Body)

Prevention suggested underneath is subject to the terms & condtions that the person who under take the consumption of the Product Suggested must not be allergic to Millet(Gujarati=Bajaree) or/And Jagari (Gujarati=GOL (Hindi=GUD) and/or Ghee made from cow milk.To be more precise  any Person who want to consume Following Product  will consume at his own Risk.

Day2: 20 minutes after morning Breakfast:

Take Millet (Gujarati= Bajree) Flour (crushed to 2 to 5 micron)

Take Jagari (Gujarati = Gol; Hindi= Gud)


Ghee made from Cow milk

The above three ingradients shall be taken in propotion to 3:2.1:4.9 (by Weight)

Method to prepare:

Roast the millet Flour to 30 to 35 Degrees Centigrade,

Chop the Jagari so that there does not Remain any pebble of it

Mix the above two ingredients manually to make a tough dough of it, Liquify the Ghee by boiling it upto Boiling temperature & Add a liquified Ghee to this dough, Mix them thoroughly.

Make pills of approximate 7 to 8 gms each. It should be kept in oven

and be heated upto 40 to 45 dehree centigrades.Keep it in the mouth cavity and chew it. (Do not eat or engulf) Slowly allow the juice created by chewing to sip in to your Throat.

This will kill the regeneration power of corona and will die itself in 4 to 6 hours.

A single pill will take 5 to 7 minutes to melt in the mouth, once the pill is fully melted take the second, third & fourth pill in continuation. After Four Pills observe the brake of 35 to 40 minute . Repeat the in take for thrice in succession.This will take almost 160 minutes. 

No more doses of this be Taken under any circumstances.[24/03/2020-DD_MM_YYYY]

DAY-3 & 4 Repeat Day-1 & 2 intake

DAY-5 & 6 Repeat Day-1 & 2 intake

DAY-7 & 8 Don't take any of the above

DAY-9Go for Corona TEST.....[surely Negetive]

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